Physicians' Surgery Center provides advanced outpatient surgery in a comfortable environment for patients in Lancaster County.

Completing your online pre-surgical health history ensures an efficient and easy
pre-surgical assessment process at Physicians' Surgery Center Lancaster General.

Prior to your outpatient procedure at Physicians' Surgery Center Lancaster General, we will need some information regarding your medical history. The easiest way to provide this information is to enter it online. You may receive a reminder call or text prompting you to complete and submit your One Medical Passport health history form.

Once completed, our Pre-Surgical Assessment nurse will access the information you entered and complete the pre-surgical process.

Be sure to have the following information available before starting the health history:

Note: If you are not able to complete your history online, our Pre-Anesthesia Clinic will contact you 3-5 days prior to your procedure to complete your health history. You will still need to have the above information available for the call. Please allow 20-30 minutes for this call.

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